Wearing Red and Pink Together

I think one of the settings is off on my camera...my photos are coming out blurry.  Any advice on that?  

Shirt: Forever 21, $10
Skirt: Thrifted, Gap, $5
Shoes: Forever 21, $5
Belt: Thrifted, $2

Wow, this whole outfit was $22!
I'm linking up today in Elaine's Rule Breaking Monday 
I'm wearing pink and red together.  

When I was growing up I HATED pink and red together.  I thought anyone who wore them together had absolutely NO fashion sense.  And now look at me.  Would my 13-year-old self slap me in the face?  I loved this outfit.  And wanna know something seriously weird?

It was too cold today for it!

In the three years that I've lived in Arizona, the winters have all been super warm.  I've never worn a winter coat here and usually can only wear sweaters and long sleeves for the month of December.  But this is a serious winter here. I think it even snowed one night (didn't stick.)

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H Rija said...

wow... I never imagine putting pink and red together but after ur post I really want to try it some day!!

And u look great in ur picture!!


Katri said...

I love your shoes!

Rachel said...

I was the same way! I was born on Valentine's Day and couldn't fathom why the colors were red, white and pink b/c they looked awful and didn't match at all. Once I grew up I realized things don't have to match they have to go together and that red and pink is monochromatic so totally works!!! I love to wear pink and red together now. You've also encouraged me to actually get dressed even if my post-baby bod isn't where I want it to be yet! Love your face!


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