I've gone to therapy twice in my life.  I loved it.  The first time was in college when I was dating this total SHLUB who made me feel like crap and I was getting totally depressed.  I visited my counselor Scott for six months until I felt like there were no more issues to discuss.  This also coincided with meeting my beautiful husband who made me feel like a princess.  (Awww...)

The second time was the first year I lived in Arizona.  Lots of changes in my life warranted a visit to a therapist for two sessions.  After the second session and a ton of answered questions, I decided I didn't need to go back.

Therapy is so freakin' awesome. 
If you've ever considered going, you SHOULD.  Even if you really don't think you have much to talk about, you would be surprised at what you can learn about yourself.  Or others who might be giving you grief in your life.  When I went I just talked.  A lot.  And my counselors mostly just asked me 'guided' questions
 (Seriously: "...and how does that make you FEEL?")

Button up:  Gap; Cardigan:  Target; Pants: Downeast; Socks: Hubcaps!; Shoes: Old Navy; Belt-turned-Necklace:  Wet Seal; Headband: Forever 21
Blogging is like my new therapy.  I have always been a faithful journal writer, but there's something so great about writing to YOU.  I love hearing your feedback and encouraging words.  And you aren't afraid to tell me, 'hey yesterday's outfit was not the most flattering for you...'  because I need to know that!  I stare at myself in the mirror and am used to what I see.  
But when I see myself in pictures it's much more REAL..."this is how the rest of the world sees me?!"   
(And heaven knows my husband would never admit that I actually look fat in something.  Thank you for that, hubcap.)'s so beautiful! 
So keep up the honesty.  Even though I have to to hold my breath and count to 10...cuz I'm overly sensitive...It's Good For ME.

What I Would Wear
2.  Flower Ring from Forever 21 (Couldn't find original link, this one's close)

Sorry, looks like I've been a little heavy on Forever 21...I promise I'll shop around some more! :)


Jen @ said...

You are so cute!! I love the outfit. Thanks for being so honest. I am sure I need some therapy. I am hoping retail therapy works too - lol!

Love the clothing picks. I have those boots!


Amie said...

I was in therapy for over six months because of a loser boyfriend too! And then again after we (hubs and I, not me and loser boyfriend.) first got married because the life changes were too much. And I agree, I love therapy. It helped me get through so much!

And I love that you quoted Zoolander. Win.

Jenn(ifer) said...

Nice outfit! I especially like the short sleved cardigan above the long sleved button up.
Great hair day as well.
Wish forever 21 would ship to Germany as I fell in love with that dress.
Also: I think you would look great in boots, leggings, relatively short skirts and some loose top or skip the skirt and war a longer loose / baby doll type top. Those outfits always look a little dress up, are comfy (due to the leggings you don't have to worry about anything showing when you reach for your little ones) and are actually pretty easy to shop for right now...
Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration!

Kristyn @ Good Gravy Crafts said...

CUTE! I love that you used a belt as a necklace! I am wanting a sequin scarf so badly!!


Kayla said...

Ok, so I'm also a Mormon fashion blogger from Arizona with two boys (around the same ages even). What are the odds? Glad to have found you!

Tiffany said...

heidi! i am seriously loving this blog!!!! and loving you! thanks for being so honest and open. ive been to therapy before too and it was life changing but im too scared to tell anyone :) also you inspired me to FINALLY start an etsy shop and put some of my freaking vintage clothes online. its in the works and i havent told anyone about it yet but if you want a sneak peak its at love you!!

heidiluxe said...

i could have written that first paragraph(except the time span was quite a bit longer, crazytown over here). getting help was the best thing i have ever done for myself.
glad i found you!

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