The Pediatrician.

If you've been reading my Honeybear Lane Facebook page, you'll know that my two-year-old has had a bad cough lately.  Like barking seal bad.  I finally took him to the pediatrician today.  

I arrived late, at 10:10.  My appointment was at 10.  
Guess what time I left?  

White shirt: Walmart; Yellow dress top: Target; Jeans: Downeast; Scarf: Walmart; Boots: Old Navy; Headband: Forever 21
 My pediatrician is super weird.  He's this really big guy, like 6'5" and probably 250 pounds.  He always wears super tight tapered jeans and a polo shirt tucked in.  He has a big chin and nose like Leno and he kinda sounds like him too.  

But he's not a jokester.  

He's actually really intimidating.  He talks very fast and loudly and always says, "Okay?!!?" after everything.  The first time we visited him and I told him about my old doctor, he was disgusted at the things she'd prescribed.  

"What an idiot!" he'd said.  

So weird, I know.  

 So why do I go to him?  

Like I said, I left after 20 minutes.  

When you have two kids, quick doctors appointments are essential. 

I didn't switch to him because of that, it was a blind switch.  And I've often thought of leaving since he's kind of a jerk.  

"Hey, the jerk store called...they're running out of you!"

But the appointments are so fast that I barely even remember we went to the doctor. 

That's a win.


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I love my pediatrician, but we have been there for over 1 1/2 hours before! LJ was going bonkers by the time she finally got to us. Guess you can't have it all :(

Jenn(ifer) said...

I like how choose bold colours!
I can't see the headband you mentioned in the pictures, but in genereal I would not really recomend a (big) scarf with a headband, it just tends to get "too crowded".
I like yesterdays boots better, but 2 thumbs up on switching things around. By the way: Your legs once again look great.
I copied your belt wearing today. I have this long gray cardigan I love but the beltloops are at this very unflattering hight on my hips. Today when I was standing in front of the mirror I was thinking of you and i just took it out of the loops and tied it below the breast. Its makes all the difference. So thanks!
PS: I hope you're not sick of all my commenting...

Aimee said...

this is one of my favorite outfits you've worn. what a cute style.

christa @ enSTYLEpedia said...

love this outfit! the colors are great...a big punch in the face to gloomy weather. well, it's gloomy here anyway!
love the yellow, i'm obsessed with all things mustard anyway, so i love seeing any shade of yellow.

Kayla said...

I am currently pediatrician shopping. It's SUCH a pain!! But appointments are worth their weight in GOLD.

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