Closet Organizing Ninja.

I didn't die, I promise.  But when life gets busy, my Mom Uniform blog posts are the first things to suffer.  

But I LOVE the few days right after deadlines.  You take a day to relax, NOT shower and stay in your jammies all day.  Like a sick day.  Except that you spend the whole day working on projects that you finally have time for.  The next day you get tired of living in your own filth and clean the WHOLE house top to bottom and then take a blissfully long shower.  And get dressed up, curls and all.  

Cardigan: Downeast
Tank: Forever 21
Jeans: Downeast
Shoes: Forever 21...this is getting weird....

Oh and guess what else I did?

Yep.  I organized my closet.  I haven't done this in years!  Who has time to organize their closet, let alone put away the basket of folded laundry that's been sitting in the hallway all week?  But my closet has been looking abominable for awhile now and I just couldn't take it anymore. 

Just look at that!  All the skirts and dresses are on the far left.  Next are jackets and sweaters.  Next to that are collared shirts, then long-sleeved, then short-sleeved, then tanks, then belts.  And all sections are organized according to color.  Everyone needs to do this once in awhile!  It really helps you to evaluate your closet.  And discover stuff you forgot about!  And discover stuff that you now fit into because you haven't cheated on your diet in two weeks!  

And while I was on a roll, I just went across the closet and organized Hubcaps closet too!  He thanked me.  Right before he passed out on the recliner because he pulled another all-nighter.  

Shoes-Ties-Belts-Scrubs-Short Sleeved Button Ups-Long Sleeved Button Ups-Polos-Jeans-Shorts-Scout Stuff-Jackets.  And of course all organized by color.  Yeah, I'm awesome.  

Life is good, my friends.  Life is good. 
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