Now I See Why Van Gogh Cut Off His Ear.

Van Gogh was the king of self portraits, no?  

Ashley taught us all how to do self-portraits.  I've done them with a tripod and timer, but never in front of a mirror with camera in hand.  It's kinda hard.  No wait, it's easy--if you don't care how much of an idiot you look like.

I don't have too fancy of a camera.  It's not a dSLR, it's a nicer point and shoot.  Me and Hub decided to compromise to save some money...although I totally wish we'd sprung another couple hundred for an SLR.  We both needed it a lot this year!

And one more thing before getting to the million pictures of me...I had more fun editing the photos than taking them!  So get ready for some weird effects, courtesy of me and PS actions.  They're just fun.

My outfit (tho you can't see it all, the bottom was just flared jeans from Charlotte Russe and I wore my boots under them.)  Shirt is Forever 21, Belt is thrifted from Savers, and Necklace is something I WON from a giveaway by Camille's Closet

This was the best I could do inside my apartment and without moving any furniture.  Not too shabby, eh?  And wow, my hair needs help.

By the way, I'm linking up this post to Ashley's Self-Portrait Linky Party!


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Oh girl I feel ya! My apartment gets ZERO natural light so the best I have is a dark hallway mirror with an awesome energy saver "make me look sickly yellow" light bulb. High five for photoshop!

Your belt is AWESOME!

Amy said...

Heidi- you are awesome! What cute clothes and poses! Have you seen that van commercial where the mom says people just think she is a hot babysitter?

Lisa (aka sweetie) said...

Loving that braided belt...cute with the crisp white top..thanks


Suzi Q said...

You did good! I panacked thinking I didn't have an natural light...then found some.

The WholeFamDamily said...

i'm trying to find my style too whilst being a mommy to 4, yikes! i think i may be finding it again..haha. Love the belt and the pouty lip faces! ;)


Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

These are BEAUTIFUL--so much fun! And you look GREAT in all of them--loving the outfit!


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