The Thrift Shop.

Striped shirt: Gap; Cardigan: Forever 21; Belt: Forever 21; Jeans: Downeast; Boots: Famous Footwear
It's really bugging me that the picture on the left is more yellow than the one on the right.  Hubcap got home pretty late and couldn't take good outdoor pictures today.  I was sad because I liked this outfit and wanted to show it, so here are my self-portraits taken with a timer and a tri-pod.  A tiny tri-pod.  So that's why it looks like my two-year-old took these.  

This was just for fun...playing with some Photoshop actions
 Today was my first clothes-thrifting experience.  I've been to thrift stores tons of times before, for Halloween costumes, old frames and furniture, refashioning, and clothes for my kids.  But I never really shopped for myself.  Aaaaand I didn't find much.  But I still think I got some good items.

Pink Corduroy Skirt: Gap; White snap-down: Gap; Brown dress: Some random brand called Courtany; and two braided belts
Here's something funny:  I've always wanted a pink corduroy skirt.  Two years ago when I got back into sewing, that was one of the first things I tried to make.  I still have the pieces to prove it.  See, the patterns kind of lie about sizing and make you think that since it's labeled size 4,6,8 you could probably fit in it (since your normal dress size varies somewhere in there.)  But no, patterns have their own sadistic sizing and I was about halfway through making it when I realized there was no way in HADES that skirt was gonna fit.  And I stopped working on it.  

But now I have that pink corduroy skirt.  Yay!   
Hooray for thrifting! 


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

So cute! I love the long sleeve striped shirt under the cardigan. Looks so awesome :)

Rock on thrifter! I'm dying to go one day without the kiddo.

Jenn(ifer) said...

My favourite outfit so far. Love the layers, the striped shirt, the belt, the boots - all of it really.
I know I said it before, but so what ;) your legs look great in that jeans and boots combi!

Kayla said...

LOVE that belt.

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