How to Wear a Bib Necklace

I got an email today from Downeast Basics, 50% off all their accessories (use the code BLING at checkout!)  
So I checked them out.  
And they had a bib necklace that I thought, "I could make that!"

So I sat down with all my jewelry makins' and got to work.  
And I made a pretty decent bib necklace!  
Next step, find something to wear with the bib necklace.
I was inspired by Elaine who always wears bib necklaces and wears them well. 
  I wanted a big flowy white shirt to wear with the black leggings but I didn't have that, so this is what I came up with.  And I loved it! 

Black Lumberjack Shirt: F21, $19 (Buy it HERE)
Cardigan:  Honestly, no clue.  I've had it forever and can't remember where I bought it!
Skinny Belt:  F21 (came with the shirt)
Leggings: Charlotte Russe, $6
Shoes: Target, $4 (one of yesterday's bargain purchases)
Necklace:  Didn't you just read?  I made it!

P.S. I'm going to post a tutorial How To Make a Bib Necklace on my Honeybear Lane blog next week!


Cori said...

A. That bib necklace is awesome! Well done.
B. You're outfits are so cute.
C. I live in Mesa too, the weather is so nice right now. But not very conducive to sweaters unfortunately. I wore one the other day and was sweating a bunch, but I refused to take it off. It's winter! I should be able to wear at least a sweater.

Jenn(ifer) said...

I was right, you look great in leggins ;)
Those shoes would have been a great find at $ 20, but $ 4 !? Wow!

Marie said...

Saw you listed on Clothed Much and had to check you out! I have two little boys, too, and also try to stay away from the "Mom Uniform". I can totally relate :)

kristine said...

Your bib necklace is amazing!! So unique and fun. Love how you paired it with the black and white gingham!

Kristine. Or Polly.

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