Standing in a Pile of Cat Turds

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 Yep.  I'm writing about poo today.  

I was ranting to my two-year-old today about apartments.  (He's sometimes a good listener.)  There are so many things I loathe about living in an apartment.  And while this isn't my #1 complaint, per se, it's certainly up there.  

Animal Feces EVERYWHERE.  Seriously.  EVERYWHERE.  

I live in a very large apartment complex and it is surrounded by lakes and and beautiful landscaping...from afar.  Up close you can see duck poo, dog poo, bird poo, and cat poo covering pretty much every square inch of grass and gravel. 

The grass is where the dogs poop, the sidewalk is where the birds and ducks poop, and the gravel (aka giant litterbox) is where the cats poop.  

Can you imagine this scenario?  

W (my kid):  I wanna go outside!
Me:  Okay let's go for a walk!
Me:  Don't walk in the rocks, there's poo!  Don't walk on the grass, there's poo!  Oh watch out right there and there for more poo!  

These aren't great pictures.  What do you expect...I was standing in a pile of poo.


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