I'll Give You Hugs For Filling Out This Survey!

Thank you SO much everyone who commented yesterday and introduced themselves! I really hope that this blog can be a place where we can help each other and most of all, be a place to inspire you to have the confidence to be the people you really are!  Motherhood is a wonderful, wonderful thing, but we shouldn't lose ourselves and self-confidence in spite of it! 
(PS I know you're not all mothers, but this blog is called "The Mom Uniform" so it's mostly geared towards mommas.) 

Okay so the next step for me is to figure out what you are really like!  I created a survey that I hope you'll take five seconds to fill out.  Your answers will help me when I design the "What I Would Wear" look books so that I'm finding things that you would actually buy!  

P.S. It is completely anonymous so don't worry about a thing!


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Gotcha babe!

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