Snow Day

My first outfit post!  
Things to note:  
1) The background is pretty amazing and is definitely not going to be this awesome every day.  
2)  My outfit is nothing revolutionary, but I'm living out of a suitcase still.  That'll end soon!
3)  After standing in the snow for less than 5 minutes, my feet were frozen.  Like didn't warm up for four hours FROZEN.

How would you wear this outfit?

Button-up:  Old Navy;  White tank:  Kohls;  Pants:  Anthropologie; Shoes:  Ankle boots from Old Navy;  Necklace: Dillards
Beautiful necklace that Hubcap gave me for Christmas...{{do I really need to see my neck this close up?}}

What I Would Wear

Next up:  Driving for 12 hours in the car with two chiddlers, unpacking, restocking house, hustling my butt with new shop orders.

What are your new year's resolutions?

**Lose ten pounds ASAP!**


Kristyn @ Good Gravy Crafts said...

Super cute!!! I love your posey!!

I have a whole list of New Year Goals....I have to blog about them!


kristine said...

Oh that color looks great on you!! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I love that I have somebody to go to for sewing questions! YAY! Let me know if you do have a class haha, me and my sister-in-law are taking classes at Joanns soon so they better be worth it!

Kristine. Or Polly.

Anonymous said...

I like the look. I love Belts so I would have the shirt tucked with an awesome simple brown leather belt. also I would button the shirt up and only have the very top of the tank showing as a color accent. The colors look great on you. What a fun adventure you are on.

Traveling Thrifter said...

I like it...but I think by buttoning the bottom buttons you draw attention to that area...I would wear it with the cuffs rolled up one more. (so they define the smallest area of my arm...and have it unbuttoned with either a nice brown belt on the pant OR opened with a nice brown belt around the shown in picture 1.....hope it helps!

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