Saying No to The Mom Uniform

The Obsession. 
I've recently become obsessed with fashion blogs like Clothed Much, The Sartorialist,  & The Daybook and I read this one post about developing your own style.

It. Was. Miraculous.  

For the first time someone actually said out loud that it was okay to not like trendy. 

I have always kind of struggled with this inner fashion battle.  Part of me wants to own designer items just because they are the current "IT" thing:  i.e. True Religion jeans, Coach bags, etc.  But then I have to ask myself, do I really even LIKE those items?  Hmm...

A Brief History.  
High school was exactly the same way.  (I don't even want to remember anything I wore before high school because it will just make me cringe.) Once I got a part time job and had a meager income to spend, spend it I did.  On lots of clothes from the Gap and Abercrombie and American Eagle.  Which was so dumb.  Those clothes were way overpriced for my budget and all I seemed to care about was having clothes that were trendy, and apparently looking just like everyone else.  Sure I wanted to look cute too, I guess.

For some reason I am drawing a blank on the things I wore in college.  I know I didn't care as much about being trendy and just bought clothes I liked and that were cheap.  I looked fine, I guess.  Good enough to go on a few dates and attract my very handsome husband.  :)

The Mom Uniform.
And now that I've graduated and had two children, I have officially graduated to the place where style goes to die...the Mom Uniform.  You know it.  The boring Target shirt thrown with some jeans.  And just maybe that shirt is slightly stained.  And maybe you 'mix things up' by wearing some sort of Downeast layering tee with it.  Shoes are flip flops, always flip flops.  Clothes have become a necessity, something to essentially cover up nakedness and a lumpy figure, as opposed to something that can boost your self-confidence.  When do we ever get time to shop for ourselves?  We think about the options...1) drag your kids to the store and either chase them around the store or strap them in a stroller where they whine the whole time while you try and find something quickly to make the whole experience overwith or 2) Stay home.  Eat.

Decisions, decisions...

What is Style?
I'm tired of not knowing if something is 'styish' or not.  I want to find my own style and not question myself time and time again.  I keep dreaming of how I want to decorate my dream house and am totally drawn to the whites of Life in the Fun Lane.  But I love pops of color too, far more than she has in her house.  I need to discover my style.  And I need to stop spending money on crappy clothes that I buy out of necessity.  I need to say No to the Mom Uniform. 

Challenge of 2011.  
My challenge for 2011 (other than the endless weight loss challenge) is to discover my style.  I'll keep my eyes out for things that I like and don't like and post them.  And I think that this will help me to figure out what I like, no matter what any one else says is cool.  I will like it. 


Meredith said...

good luck with your challenge! my style at this point, what with the little one and all, is basically washable and freepiled. it's fun to see another mom's fashion-y blog! good luck to us both i guess;)
Yours Mine and Ours

kristine said...

What a wonderful challenge! I love that you said it was okay to not like trendy. Personal style is all about what YOU love, and that I think is so liberating. It's something I will always be working on!

Kristine. Or Polly.

Monica said...

I think I know what I like (which is everything) lol. But I have fallen victim to the Mom Uniform as well. You are so right that we just buy out of necessity. I no longer work so no longer buy pretty work clothes but 2011 I am with you! I'm going to try to say good-bye to my Mom Uniform too!! Glad I found your blog!

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