I Tried

I wore my first real 'trying' outfit today.  It was seriously cute, I promise.  And then I did my hair curly following Syd's tutorial.  And then the crap hit the fan.  So hubcap couldn't take my picture and I didn't even leave the house today.  So no one except him appreciated the effort!  But just so I remember for the future here's what I wore, in words (so lame, I know.)

Top:  Short-sleeved white button-up from the Limited, layered with a green pleated neck tank from Kohls
Pants:  Skinnies from Downeast
Boots: (technically not WORN since I was inside all day) Famous Footwear (you know the ones, Syd wears them all the time and I had to have them.)
Hot Pink scarf from Walmart

If I had more money I would have swapped out the scarf for some pretty long tied pearls.

And I need to remember this outfit too:
{{My fail doesn't count since it's not 2011 yet.  Ha!}}


Sarah loves it all said...

Love Sydney and her style! I'm excited to read your blog and follow your endeavors! Finding style can be challenging as a mom!

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

My blog is kind of about me as a mom still trying to follow my passion for fashion! It is difficult when you're spending your day changing poopy diapers and cleaning finger paint!


Darlene said...

Can't you at least take a pic of the outfit on the bed? I need a visual. And since I am new to your blog in general, please pardon my question - Who is Syd?


mandy said...

I would also love to know who Syd is and where is the tutorial for curly hair? I have been trying to figure out a good way to do it for a while!


Heidi Ferguson said...

Sydney blogs over at the daybook and has a tut for doing curly hair...it's awesome!

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